The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have dealt a heavy blow on the economy — millions of Filipinos were left jobless, thousands of companies were forced to close and thousands more have had to downsize to ride out the downturn. 

But all is not lost.

With more than a year into the crisis, the Philippines has begun its journey to recovery with stimulus measures and policies in place. Filipino companies, groups and individuals have also shown their resilience and are slowly regaining their footing.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer, along with its sister companies, seeks to do its share to help the Philippines bounce back from this unprecedented crisis by doing what it does best – tell the stories that empower the Filipino.

Through Project Rebound, the Philippine Daily Inquirer will share expert insights and inspiring stories of how business can accelerate their recovery, how to retool and recalibrate to survive – and even thrive – amid the COVID-19 pandemic in collaboration with the government. With its 67-million strong reach across multimedia platforms, the Inquirer Group is indeed in a favorable position to inspire a rebound from the crisis.

Together, we can – and will – overcome.

Project Rebound is an initiative of the Inquirer Group of Companies

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